ESM Tech Hub

Behind every successful Enterprise Service Management tool are highly skilled people active that ensure satisfied customers. The challenge today is to find and educate those highly skilled people. While organisations that use Enterprise Service Management tools must focus on the successful delivery of their services we as Joost-IT make sure that these organisations can get the optimal value out of their ESM tool. We do that by delivering highly skilled resources with knowledge of Service Management and ESM Tooling.

The ESM Tech Hub is the first and largest resource hub in Europe. As Joost-IT we are an independent ESM tool provider who helps organisations in selecting, implementing and maintaining ESM tools of various vendors. We have put this knowledge of ESM tools and our years of experience together in the ESM Tech Hub.

ESM Tool Partner

If you are a partner of an ESM tool you will recognize the challenge of getting the right employees at the right time. And maybe even harder: make sure that these employees are committed to your organisation for a longer period.  We know from experience that this takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we started the ESM Tech Hub in Athens. Here we educate IT graduates in Enterprise Service Management and ESM Tooling and provide them with the right skillset.

After a tough selection we start a 6 months training program where we follow the next steps;

  1. Theoretical knowledge of Enterprise Service Management and the ESM tool
  2. Gain experience in the support department as soon as possible
  3. Work side by side with Senior ESM consultants on projects

During the training program we regularly test the knowledge level so ensure progress.

Professional Services

For ESM Tool partner we provide 2 types of services;

  1. First line support: you can outsource your first line support to the ESM Tech Hub. There is a dedicated Team for every ESM tool that we support. As ESM partner you can decide on the support hours and Service Levels that need to be achieved.
  2. Consultancy: If you need extra support resources or project resources you can hire these from the ESM Tech Hub. They can be available remote or on-site (for limited periods) to assist you in helping your customers.
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